Feb 4, 2013

GAMELOFT will be launch Games in 2013 List of Games [LEAKED]

If you love mobile gaming , Gameloft is probably a company that's on your radar. The company has a solid stable of titles that span the gamut from casual to hardcore on multiple platforms. Now, a list has leaked revealing the names of all of the new games that Gameloft has planned for release in 2013.
The entire game line-up for Gameloft for the entire 2013 seasons has apparently been leaked along with the full names of upcoming games, screenshots for some of them, descriptions for most of the game and even a video or two showing the games in action. We got this news from one of the original sources of the leak but hesitated to post it last night as we watched other sites who mentioned this news turn around and take down the information of the leak.
The leak happened last night, and Gameloft actually scrambled to have sites take down the list, which seems to add credibility to the leak. Apparently, the leak included names of every game on Gameloft's 2013 roster, plus descriptions, screenshots, and even video, but all we've got are the names of the games. There are a total of 30 games scheduled for release, but the only names that are still floating around are:
Leaked Game List
  • Asphalt 8: Infinity
  • War Boys
  • Dungeon Hunter 4
  • Gangstar Vegas: City of Sin
  • Brothers in Arms 3
  • GT Racing 2: Motor Academy
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Fast and Furious 6
  • Order & Chaos Duels
  • Total Conquest
  • Modern Combat 5: Last War
  • Iron Man 3
  • My Funny Hospital
  • Tank Battles
  • UNO & Friends
  • Slots
  • Crystal Monsters
  • Gangstar Tycoon
  • War of Nations
  • Epic
  • Space Horror
  • Dragon Souls
  • Die Hard 5
  • Pocket Dragon
  • Temple Run
  • Diamond Blast
Many aren't new, and quite a few of them are movie tie-in games. Some will be iPad-only, but many will be cross platform with iOS and Android. All in all, a pretty solid list of games. Which ones are getting you excited?


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