Mar 1, 2014

Clashot App Earn Money Easily by Click Photos

The photography aptitudes have earned a lot of cash to the experts assuming that they're okay at what they think they're doing. The picture takers can earn money easily for their accumulation by offering some of their brilliant work to the press media, web media and others.
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Now, let’s have a look at some of the in-app screenshots
Clashot Earn Money EasilyClashot Earn Money EasilyClashot Earn Money Easily

Clashot’s mission is to give the work of ordinary people visibility in the marketplace, and attract customers who are ready to pay for these photographs. Your photos shouldn’t be buried in the feeds of social networks; they must be readily available for purchase. We believe in motivating people financially to produce their creative works; they should know that even a casual photo can have value.
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Clashot is a project of one of the world’s leading photobanks, Depositphotos. With our experience and resources, we’ll do our best to find buyers for your mobile photos. You will get decent royalties for every purchase of your works!

Clashot Clashot
Clashot Inc.
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